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Images of beauty –

The concept of being an images of beauty may be perceived in different ways. So I’ll explain to what extent I believe these images can be beneficial or harmful.
Images of beauty can be beneficial for marketing to attract customers, for example in advertisements promoted in magazines and on billboards, and commercials on television. That is because they not only represent beauty but also brand quality. Following the example of commercials for L’Oreal, women appropriated the slogan « Because I’m worth it », it increased their self-esteem.
On the other hand, some women can recognize themselves in these images of beauty, and reassure themselves that they are not as ugly or as pathetic as they thought.
As far as I am concerned, I was really complexed by my small size until I knew that Eva Longoria measured only around 150 cm.
The celebrities or women  displayed in magazines are a very powerful because the can also stand as role models for the younger ones. These young persons look up to their favorite stars and want to resemble them, sometimes in all aspects.
But as we speak about teenagers, images of beauty can be harmful for them too because nowadays, they want to look at all cost like their models. I’ve seen a television report that talked about teenagers exposing themselves on Internet.
I was shocked because there were 12 year-old girls who stripped in front of their webcam on demands of their instant messaging contacts.
Unfortunately, these contacts recorded the strip-tease and uploaded them on pornographic websites. Journalists think that the reason the teenagers expose themselves is because of nude models in media. They are promoted in magazines, in movies, shamelessly showing their entire body.
It is possible to think that teenagers dare take their clothes off in front of other people because they want to prove that they can do it as well.
Furthermore, we see in magazines star people’s story, every blooper they do. Because of celebrities, fans are influenced by their idole’s behaviour.
For example, the number of gothic people has increased since metal music has begun to spread. These people go depressive, in their mind the world has become a dark place.
Moreover, there are teens who want to be as thin as models and end up anorexic. In France, there are 30 000 to 40 000 cases of anorexia, considered as a mental illness.
It affects mostly young and mostly girls. In this case, the images of beauty represented by top models contribute to the progression of the disease in young people.
In fact, images of beauty can be harmful for teenagers but also to human beings in general. We have previously mentionned that these images of beauty are beneficial for marketing especially in TV shows. But yes in some shows, we can witness a lowering of people regarded as not beautiful enough or not talented enough for some celebrities. For instance, on the show « Nouvelle Star », M6  broadcasts the bloopers of the contestants. Hence the appearance of a mocking society.